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Beauty Photo with Clamshell Lighting
Here is one test photo from a set taken while testing a new lense and usage of softbox & reflector
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London Eye – Tips for Travel Photography
There are lot’s of travel photo tutorials, which tell you the basics: 1. Seize the golden moment = wake up
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Portait of Singer Susanna Huppunen
First rule for everything: There has to be plan B. Some time ago I went to take a portait of
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Paris Quickie
I recently had a non-photography related business trip to a Paris suburb. On one evening I had a change to
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Autumn Colors – Not Quite Yet.
Photographers are a breed of their own; They choose which side of the street they walk based on where to
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Photography site re-engineered
Here it is: A brand new design for my photography site. These new pages include updated layout, re-organized portfolio with
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