Meeting New Faces at Askophoto

Meeting New Faces at Askophoto

Featured image model: Jenny Pylväläinen,  Muah: Anna-Karen Korkkinen 
At the end of April I headed to Askotalo at Lahti, where I had a change to meet some new faces. There was a Askophoto event, which was a gathering of models and photographers to meet new people and to work together in inspiring environment.

Model: Jenny Pylväläine, Muah: Anna-Karen Korkkinen, Jacket: GoodWear

It was long but productive day and I met lots of nice people. I had taken some external flashes and equipment with me, but as Askotalo had quite spacious windows, I took most of the photos with natural light. Here are some of the photos.

Model: Jesse Äystö
Model: June Yeoh
Model: Jenny Pylväläinen, Muah: Anna-Karen Korkkinen
“The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.” Model: Sami Valonen, Muah: Anna-Karen Korkkinen
Model: Tiina Lemettinen
Model: Ilona Tikander-Edmonds, Make-up: Anna-Karen Korkkinen, Clothes: GoodWear /


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