Morning Stroll in Local Forest

Saturday morning and flu taking over, but nevertheless I woke up early and went outdoors despite the temperature being under zero degrees. The whole week forest and fields have been covered almost magic looking mist in the mornings when I have driven to work. I had a plan to go and take some misty scenery photos when Saturday arrives. Unfortunately there was no mist whatsoever so I had to improvise something else.

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Photoshoot with Tangotheatre Kiukkarainen

  I had the pleasure to combine two of my passions, photography and tango, when I had a photoshoot together with multi-talents Timo & Marjo from Tangotheatre Kiukkarainen. It is always a joy to take photos of performing artists as they tend to have that photographic presence in their own skillset and do not need much guidance for that part. It leaves room for creativity.

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Combining the Best of the Both Worlds

Man in a coffee break The jury nominating Sami Rievinen as the best portrait photographer of 2014 in Finland said that professionals do not take photos, they create those. This can be seen from the best studio portaits. On the other hand there is another trend of photography evolving around the street photography idea of seizing the perfect moment and timing without manipulating or staging the photo. Both approaches are worth of mastering, but it is also worth understanding how to combine these, i.e. how to seize the sudden opportunity to stage a good photo?

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