The Magic of Post-processing – Testing Sleeklens Landscape Workflows.

  Hi fellows, I got to test the Through The Woods Lightroom presets and brushes for landscape photography from Sleeklens. Nowadays almost every photo published by professionals are post-processed and edited with the computer, like I stated in one of my earlier blog tests about taking portrait photos. One of the most common tools for post-processing, in addition to Photoshop, is Lightroom. Presets from Sleeklens aim to help with the editing process. I browsed my old photos and applied the presets and brushes into some of my landscape photos to see if the presets would help with my edits. Read on to find out my comments.

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Superfood with Vertical Grip

  We went to a local forest to pick some blueberries. The division of work was clear, suggested by my wife; she picked the berries and my job was to carry the camera while looking after the kids. I did not complain. First I thought not to bother to bring the camera with me (what a stupid question!), but I wanted to test my newly bought vertical battery grip in action.

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