About Photographying Stage Performances – Helsinki Fitness 2016

  This year I barely had time to participate Photo & Camera fair in Helsinki Messukeskus as I was so eagerly taking photos about the other events happening around Go Expo stages, e.g. Helsinki Fitness competition. Photography is all about the light and a great photo has great light like I have stated in several earlier blog posts. When shooting a live stage show one has to hope that lighting is set properly and is supportive for photography. 

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Shooting Extreme Sports in Extreme Weather

    This year Tough Viking competition in Helsinki Kaisaniemi got extra twist from heavy rain. The competition is 12km run with 15 different obstacles including climbing, swimming and crawling. If I called for more dramatic weather when shooting swamp soccer at Hyrynsalmi (Swamp Soccer Photography), this time I got what I ordered. Heavy rain made the competitors look even more soaking wet and miserable. However, the atmosphere was great and everyone smiled when they saw the man with the camera.

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How to Shoot Portraits at Home


In this text I talk about how I do the portrait shoots when at home without proper studio. I recently faced a situation where I was asked to take a profile photo of a professional with short notice. Here is my workflow. It is basically by the book, i.e. I follow the basic guidelines with no secrets or magic here, or maybe just a little with post processing.

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