Autumn Colors – Not Quite Yet.

Photographers are a breed of their own; They choose which side of the street they walk based on where to get the best photos. They compromize their handluggage capacity in airplanes by taking cameras and big lenses with them. So, what does a photographer on a peaceful Sunday morning when it would be possible to sleep in? He wakes up early to catch the morning rays of light. So did I. I went to take photos of autumn colors, i.e. “ruska”. It seems that the timing is not yet perfect in South Finland. There is still a lot of green and not that bright rainbow of yellow, orange and red. It seems that this year leaves have already started falling with the green color on instead of the bright yellow of previous year. We will see how the situation evolves. And as always, if that perfect autumn photo is not taken this year, then there is always the next year.

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